Hoodie and sweatshirt

We’re excited to present you our Cotton collection!

Soft and cosy hoodie is a must-have thing for everyone who loves evening walks in the park and early wake-ups during camping. Whether it is chilly or windy outside you’re covered in something nice and warm. Choose from different shades of navy and gray, different types of pockets or go for stylish plackets instead.

If one day you decide you don’t need a hood there is an equally cosy but less warm sweatshirt with a stretch neck and knitted inside. Thinner than a hoodie it can be worn under your favourite jacket or tucked in jeans. Bright and minimalistic logo comes in two options: print or embroidery.


A t-shirt is definitely something everyone should have in his wardrobe. Comfy and practical, perfect on its own or worn under a hoodie or sweatshirt, a t-shirt is always an option for both traveling and staying at home.

We chose base colors so that you could wear them with almost everything else in your wardrobe. Classic and fitted silhouette for women to feel comfortable at any event. A brand logo right on the front is both bright and minimalistic.