Travel gear inspired by the Pacific Northwest


Leakproof seal

Watertight and leakproof silicone seal without metal-to-metal noise

Pure titanium

Titanium imparts no odor & taste to drinks, corrosion resistant and nontoxic

Soft pouch

Comes with soft pouch for convenient storage and transport

Wide bottle mouth

Smooth and wide (1.8 in) bottle mouth is easy to clean

Lightweight but capable

750ml big capacity, meet the needs of large water needs

Detachable ring

Non-slip fall-resistant bottom design with detachable silicon ring

Sure, they are 100% titanium and made of titanium Grade 1.
Generally you can, just remember to remove the silicone ring from the bottom and always keep the lid off when boiling.
Yes, it will as titanium is a heat conductor. Be careful not to burn yourself! Use a protective sleeve included to protect yourself from both heat and cold.
No, it doesn’t as titanium doesn’t impart odor and taste to drinks.
Yes, they do fit most of the car holders.

Made of Merino

Fitted hood

for warmth and protection

Zippered pockets

at chest and hem

Thumb loops

to protect hands

2-way zip

with storm flap & reverse coil


98% Merino, 2% Lycra®


Icebreaker × OUT

No, merino fibers are three times thinner than a human hair and are very soft to skin.
Not really. You should be careful not to wash it in hot water and not to tumble dry, but otherwise it is quite handy: don’t need to be washed often, dry out quickly, don’t crease much and keep its shape.
Yes, they are, but look into the item's description for more precise instructions for merino clothes.

Latest reviews

Sherry / Virginia
USPS 92055901755477000412879001
I really like the bottle. It is a great product. I was surprised at how well the silicone ring on the bottom stays, but yet is removable. I think the insulated sleeve is a nice addition as well. I had considered the bottle with cup but would have liked if the cup was a little bigger and had an optional insulated sleeve and lid.
Audrie / Maryland
USPS 92055901755477000355104284
Hoodie is adorable. Got myself the red one. Didn’t have a chance to test it during a real trip but hope I’ll be able soon. For now I only wore it while my usual walking and though it was unpleasantly cold outside I was perfectly ok. There are nice hidden pockets and a funny hood that protects my whole neck which is very nice when it’s windy.
Mary / Delaware
USPS 9205590221582730892337
Love this fanny pack. It’s just what I needed. This is a great alternative to a bag when I need to travel lightly, it is very convenient as I can keep my cellphone, documents , wallet close by. I also use this fanny pack as an everyday bag because it’s great for wearing while carrying a child.
Paul / Oregon
USPS 9205590221582729459640
This bottle suits my car cup holder and I can use it for my coffee. I wanted something that is not thermos as I don’t really need it to keep hot for long. And no steel of course. I absolutely love the bottle and take it with me whenever I’m out.