Titanium properties make it essential when it comes to naval ships, missiles, aircraft, spacecraft and armor while you’re having it in your bag as a water bottle.

Strong and light

It’s among the strongest and most durable metals on the planet. Titanium is also lightweight. For example, it is 45% lighter than steel but equally strong. It means that you can take more while the weight remains the same.


It has high rust and corrosion resistance not only to water but also to chemical media, and an ability to withstand extreme temperature. All of these make it highly durable and long lasting whether used indoors or outdoors.


It is non-toxic and not rejected by the body, so it has many medical uses, including surgical implements and implants.

Wide mouth makes it perfect for both soup and smoothie

Safe to use with hot beverages like tea, coffee or mulled wine

Impacts no smell and taste to stored liquids

Fits perfectly in most car holders and backpack pockets

Suitable for boiling water with silicone ring removed and lid kept off