Pacific Northwest has always been a region with magnificent landscapes of lush forests, snow mountains and peaceful coasts. It beckons you to go deep and explore it all. It inspires. It makes you want to share. And this is how our story begins.

Here, at OUT we equally love far journeys all over the world and relaxing walks in the nearest park. We know you love them too and want you to be ready to go on the road at any moment. That is why we focus on producing high-quality things of special design and modern technologies, that last long, look good and make you stand out from the crowd.

Those are things that suit any adventure. Because we don’t like having different gear for every type of trip. You never know when a 2-days trip in a neighboring state may end up as a month hitchhiking to the other part of the country.

But you’re always ready to go even further.

The further from home you are, the less at home you feel. New places take your mind completely, but sometimes you need just a few minutes of something homelike to continue all the new adventures. A cup of coffee, your everyday ritual, seems to be a perfect choice. At least it is for us. That is why we add our favorite coffee in our product line and invite you to try the best roasts from the Oregon coast.