Wool clothing for every day

We are used to thinking of woolen knitwear as an element of a warm wardrobe. But modern technology allows making clothing of finest merino wool that can be worn any time of the year. From our article you will find out how the approach to manufacturing of modern woolen clothing has been changed.

What is merino wool?

Merino wool comes from sheep of the same name breed. The tradition of breeding merino sheep goes back to the Middle Ages, but manufacturers and consumers really appreciated the advantages of this breed only in the 21st century. Now, thanks to special methods of animal breeding, high-quality material with specified characteristics can be produced - and all this is created by nature itself.

Merino wool features

There are several types of wool, and each of them is designed for special clothing. The thickest wool is suitable for coats and inexpensive pullovers. T-shirts can be sewn from the softest and finest woolen fabric. This is the material used for OUT clothes.

A reasonable question: is a merino T-shirt comfortable and suitable to be worn in the summer? The answer is: Yes! This is the optimal and comfortable garment to wear all year round. To appreciate the exclusiveness of such an item, one needs to understand the advantages of the material.

The sheep that produce wool are raised on highland farms in New Zealand. In winter, animals naturally grow thick warm wool, which protects them from frost and wind. In spring, before shedding begins, the wool is cut and sent to factories. The peculiarity of this type of wool is that the merino fibers are three times thinner than a human hair, but at the same time they are quite strong. It is these two qualities that make it possible to weave the thinnest fabric, which turns out to be amazingly soft.

Merino fabric is significantly different from all natural and, moreover, artificial ones. Even a thin fabric creates a special protective barrier between the body and the external environment. As expected, in winter this barrier protects the body from the cold. The beauty, however, is that during the hot season, merino wool prevents overheating of the body and quickly wicks moisture away, leaving clothes dry. But the most important quality for summer days is keeping the body fresh. When wearing a merino T-shirt, you don't need to worry about unpleasant odors, as the fibers are antibacterial and prevent the growth of microorganisms.

When is merino wool a good choice?

Without exaggeration, one can say that modern merino wool clothing is a versatile everyday wardrobe item. For a stuffy summer office, manufacturing work and, of course, for hiking outdoors, it is difficult to come up with more comfortable clothes than a merino wool T-shirt. For cooler days, you can warm up by wearing a merino hoodie. Such outerwear will be an excellent choice for outdoor activities in chilly weather.

The functionality of woolen clothing is especially worth emphasizing - during multi-day tourist routes, when there is no opportunity to change clothes regularly it comes very handy. Due to the previously mentioned properties of the fabric, T-shirts and jackets will be pleasant to wear without having to wash them every day. And since the fabric made of merino wool is very thin, such clothes dry quickly enough. Therefore, on a hot day, you can simply lay the T-shirt on a horizontal surface, even without spinning. The clothes will dry naturally in a few hours.

Can OUT clothes be worn as thermal underwear?

Overall, OUT woolen T-shirts really are thermal underwear. Please note, however, that they are not originally designed to be worn in extreme conditions. If you are planning to climb Mount Everest, you will probably need professional equipment. But in urban conditions, OUT T-shirts work great as thermal underwear.

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