Titanium grade

Titanium has numerous valued qualities like being light and strong, corrosion resistant and hypoallergenic. This can be applied to any titanium thing you’ll ever get hold of. However, there are qualities that differ and they determine Titanium Grade.

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Though the grade is more about technical specifications, it’s never useless to try and gain insight into it.

What we should know first is that there are commercially pure titanium and titanium alloys. The main difference between all of their grades is strength level and various elements allowed. As OUT products are made from pure titanium, we’ll only talk about its grades which are grades 1 to 4.

  • Commercially pure titanium grade 1 is the softest. It has the highest ductility, the greatest formability and high impact toughness. It also provides excellent corrosion resistance
  • Grade 2 shares many of the same qualities as grade 1, though it is slightly stronger. It possesses good weldability, strength, ductility and formability
  • Grade 3 is stronger and less formable than Titanium Grades 1 and 2. It’s similar in ductility but possesses higher mechanicals. Grade 3 titanium has excellent corrosion resistance
  • Commercially pure titanium grade 4 is the strongest of the four grades. It is also known for its excellent corrosion resistance, good formability and weldability

You are welcome to check all titanium properties with some of OUT products. Keep in mind that OUT Titanium gear is of Grade 1. Take a closer look at the bottle, cup, tumbler and utensils and try them in the wild.

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